my-assistant services can be provided on request, depending on your requirements, and charged on an hourly basis. Alternatively, simply book one of the rent levels below and benefit from our discount services.



Rent Level 1

Rent Level 2

Rent Level 3

Service package discount




Online searches incl. written documentation of results

(Requires access to appropriate search media such as Facebook, Xing, Projektwerk, job platforms, internet platforms…)

max. 4 hours

max. 8 hours

max. 16 hours

Billing / Dunning

(Requires supply of raw data for invoicing)

approx. 5 invoices / reminder letters – max. 30 mins

approx. 10 invoices / reminder letters – max. 1 hour

approx. 15 invoices / reminder letters – max. 1.5 hours

Project presentation

1 presentation with max. 20 pages or

max. 2 hours

2 presentations with max. 40 pages or

max. 4 hours

4 presentations with max. 80 pages or

max. 8 hours

Creation of project documents (Excel, Word, according to client specifications)


max. 2 hours

max. 4 hours

Train/flight, hotel searches incl. price comparisons and written documentation to client


max. 3 hours


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