my-assistant lends a helping hand for everyday tasks

We support customers who have confidence in professional external support, and want to operate as efficiently as possible both financially and in terms of staffing.

my-assistant works under the strictest confidentiality policies and guarantees dedicated collaboration with visible results.

We enable our customers to focus on the essentials, creating more freedom for them.

We offer concrete services to

  • guarantee time-saving
  • lower/optimise staff costs
  • receive necessary external resources

my-assistant is a Wirsindanders

  • Temporary assistant
  • Professional service provider
  • Consultant
  • Communication partner
  • Implementer
  • Specialist in supplying specific services

Benefits of my-assistant: WirsindandersText

  • You only pay for the time you need
  • Pay no taxes and insurance for staff
  • You don’t need to provide any office space
  • No fixed phone and internet costs
  • No costs for work materials and infrastructure
  • No career management for staff

We do the work for you and ease the strain thanks to our professionalism and experience!